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Thread: Make link to move the Program Files folder from C Drive

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    Default Make link to move the Program Files folder from C Drive

    I have a Winbook tw700, Win 8.1 32bit, 16gb Kingston mmc boot drive, 1gb memory. As you see it barely has room for the OS so I added a 64gb micro sd card.

    Then I changed the Location of the User folders to the sd card. It will not let me relocate the Page File to the sd card. Then I installed a program on the sd card. But the OS doesn't see the sd card as I expected. The installed program is fully functional except it doesn't show uo in Programs and Features. Anything deleted from the the sd card (including User folders) does not go to the Recycle Bin.

    When making a disk image with Clonezilla the sd card is not accessible. Some programs will not install to the sd card, ie: Google Chrome. With Chrome installed on the boot drive it is fatally space deprived ie: there's hardly room for the Page File.

    So what to do? I read a little about "make link" and ask, is it possible to use "make link" to move the Program Files folder, the User folder, and the ProgramData folder from the boot drive C: to the sd card and then will everything work like I had a bigger boot drive?

    Where can I find a step by step instruction to use "make link" as the directions I've found require more knowledge than I have.
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