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Thread: Partitioning Problem

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    Default Partitioning Problem

    Goal is to set-up dual booting (choice of) OS systems on an aging Gateway laptop utilizing W7 and Linux Kubuntu 15.04.
    Was following instructions at a URL (which I'm told I can't post here) and got to a point in “disk management” where the objective is to “shrink” the laptop’s “Disk zero Basic 111.79 GB Online.
    – (C 78.87 GB NTFS Healthy (System, Boot, Page File, Active, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)” attended by 32.92 GBs of “Free Space” in order to make room to add a “10 GB Raw Healthy (Primary Partition)” intended for Kubuntu use.

    Problems are: 1) 78.87 GB seems like an unreasonable amount of hard disk space for the W7 OS, and 2) the shrink volume option reports that the 78.87 GB can only be shrunk by 7733 MB which is way less than the 10 GB required for Kubuntu.
    How might I proceed, or hopefully pare-down the 78.87 GB primary partition?

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    We need more detailed information about your partions.
    78 GB for W7 is a big partition.
    You could actually use a lot less, if you mean just the O/S.
    10 GB for Kubunto might be enough, but you also have to remember that Linux uses multiple partitions for programs, swap, and documents etc.
    You will need more than 10 GB....

    Shrinking a parttion is not always easy, it depends on several things: exactly where it is located, defragmentation, and if its a primary partion.
    Take a screenshot of how it looks in diskmanager, and post that image here in the forum.

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