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Thread: Explorer.exe keeps crashing in Windows

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    Question Explorer.exe keeps crashing in Windows

    my windows 7 explorer.exe keeps crashing, ive tried various fixes. Cant restart in safe mode, it reaches a certain point then stops. Cant do a system restore, my restore points have vanished. Ive got a partial workaround where I open task manager right after login and turn explorer.exe off (this stops the system from freezing completely after explorer.exe keeps tryng and failing to restart numerous times) and if I try to restart it I get another explorer.exe crash, normally it reports it as "faulting module name:unknown", but with a restart from task manager its always "tasbarcpl.dll" thats the faulting module. Im thinking I may have to download another copy of explorer.exe, but how do I find out which explorer.exe I need and where do I look for the information on my laptop so I get the correct one.

    Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated

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    Even if you could get it working again by copying explorer.exe (and other files) to the system, there is no gurantee that you have solved all problems.
    It might work for weeks or months before it crashes again.
    Since an unknown error caused this, you canīt be sure that you wonīt get more problems later on.
    When you got an unstable operating system like you describe above, the best and safest solution is to restore the system from your backup.

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