Im new here. I hope there someone who can help me with the Display problems I am having.

I recently installed Windows 7 again, because I had a problem with Windows 10 wouldnt show my Samsung HD tv on my laptop via HDMI. I read that ATI havent fixed the problem for Win10. And I bought this Acer laptop so I can stream to my TV.

So i went back to Win7.

I installed the latest ATI Catalyst driver and the problem still persist. I can NOT get a picture on my TV via HDMI with ATI drivers that is newer then 13.12 ATI writes on their support forum.
Fine, I will try to install the 13.12 driver. But I can not install it, not even a 13.8 driver.

So i found a 12.8 driver from around 2012 that I can install. Great. And now I finally get the Win7 desktop display on my Samsung HD TV.

The biggest problem i have now is that, when I unplug the HDMI cable from my laptop, the screen goes black on the laptop! I can do nothing on my PC anymore, exept when its hooked up to the TV.

The other problem I have, is that the display Extends to the TV, rather then duplicate. And that is pretty annoing, because on both my pc and tv the same desktop is displayed and the windows i have open sometimes only shows on the Extended display i can not see.

When I go to Display settings to make any kind of change, both screens go black.

I found a tool on this site: Microsoft Fixit Display Quality Troubleshooter and ran it.

It found a issue with my Display settings. but it didnt fix it. And in the result report didnt show anything useful.

I hope someone in here have the time to help me out with this

Best regards and good day
H. Wolter