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Thread: Firefox bookmarks from old computer lost

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    Default Firefox bookmarks from old computer lost

    My old computer had to be replaced. I cannot find my old bookmarks, no matter what I do. I have gone to their "support" site and it is useless. How can I find the Profile Manager used by Yahoo Mozilla-Firefox?


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    You said you had to replace your old computer, so I assume you are on your new PC, so where did you expect to find your bookmarks?

    Had you backed up your Firefox bookmarks? Or had you saved them to the cloud?

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    Mozilla Firefox has two folders:
    users [user] AppData Local Mozilla
    users [user] AppData Roaming Mozilla Firefox Profiles [weirdname].default -- finally one can find bookmarks.html and backups of same.
    IF the old computer's parentsprofile account's child folders [and the info within] was accurately moved or copied over onto the new computer,
    the bookmarks should still be there, unless deleted somehow.
    IF the new computer had its Firefox installed, and a new profile made, the old profile maybe was deleted. Only data recovery maybe can bring it back.

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