Taskbar Notification Tray - "RollerStoller NORAD" operations
[Control Panel --> Notifications --> Show Icons and Notifications]
Almost any program or utility that can place an icon into this tray, I welcome and allow same to do so. I want any/all such icons to be visible at all times, from boot to shutdown.
Reasons: I want my "RollerStoller NORAD" to inform me, directly or indirectly, of anything becoming amiss or already amiss. When any particular icon or icons "go missing" a few times, I begin to check out the Windows innards and attempt to find out the cause[s], and apply appropriate solution[s]. Also newly-installed, welcomed, things appear -- letting me know such are ready for action.
Having between 21-27 icons in that try can sometimes lead to icon-lathergy on my part, however, I try to eye-ball the group daily, and hopefully become alert to any missing-in-action icon[s] -- 'cause sometimes that means a particular program or utility is not working completely.
This "NORAD" has come in handy numerous times, alerting me of this, that, the other.