Hi, Windows Club forum

I am having a problem installing the Service Pack 1, SP1, for my Windows 7 Ultimate system. I need to install the SP1 so that I can go to the next step and upgrade to Windows 10.

My system is a running Windows 7 Ultimate. I had WIN 7 Ultimate install about a year ago when I was having some service/repair work. Have had no problems with the WIN 7 performance, all features that I have needed to use have worked. No error messages about not being “Genuine”. To make a long story short, SP1 will not install. I did some checking of the install. I verified my copy of Win 7 Ultimate is Genuine using the Microsoft “Is my copy Genuine”. Turns out the WIN 7 is a Genuine “OEM” version for a different band of laptop.

OK, my bad – the shop sold me a, probably, pirated “OEM” copy or a copy for a different brand of laptop. I accept I was hijacked and now I need to make it right. By the way the shop is no longer in business.

My question. Can I buy a “Genuine, retail, sealed box, install on any computer” copy of WIN7 ultimate and be able to transfer the new “good” product key to my laptop? Then register/activate the new product key and SP1 should install. Or is there can I to do a “repair “ install using the new WIN 7 or some other way so that I can retain all of my installed programs?

Any suggestions or links appreciated.