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Thread: Retail VS OEM Windows 7 Ultimate version if wanting to go back after Win10

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    Default Retail VS OEM Windows 7 Ultimate version if wanting to go back after Win10

    I was advised to post my question in the forum because it might be beneficial for other users to see the answers, so here goes:

    I want to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 Ultimate so that I can freely upgrade to Windows 10 before the July deadline.
    I have looked for affordable licenced copies to buy online but seem to only find OEM-versions rather than the retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate.

    In order to be sure that I can revert back to Windows 7 Ultimate after having tested Windows 10, is it important that the copy I purchase is a true retail release?
    Or is it enough with an OEM version as long as it proves to be genuine?

    I have to hurry up and buy a copy before the deadline expires but want to make sure that I purchase the correct version for my purpose.

    Maybe HappyAndyK knows?

    Thank you very much

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    OEM versions are tied to the device. I wonder where you were able to see the offers? Were they credible sources? The OEM license may be genuine - but it 'may' be tied to some oher machine.

    I would suggest you but your license (Retail) from legit sources only - eg.Microsoft Store.

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    OEM versions are designed so that OEM's may install advertisements that benefit MS and /or the OEM, PLUS the system is made to fit all the other items inside the case. NOT a big deal, your hardware/software shall operate as manufactured. OEM OSes are activated by design.

    1) Install program.
    2) Pray.
    3) Enjoy!

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