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Thread: Right Click Context Menu not showing full menu

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    Question Right Click Context Menu not showing full menu

    Hello all, I need your guys help. When I right click to My Computer Icon, it shows only open, manage and Recyle only. It not just that icon, other icon like shortcut, it doesnt have Cut, Copy or delete in the context menu. I want to post a screen shot here but it cant be saved when I press the Save or Save As at the Paint Later on, I found out that I cant even uninstall a program either in the control panel.

    I have scanned my laptop through Avast AntiVirus and doesnt show any virus. Anyone have any ideas what is the cause? Appreciate that someone could teach me how to 'cure' it.. Thanks in advance.

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    Pls post the image without the http/www.

    It looks like there are some severe software restrictions in place ...

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