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Thread: Internet freezes for around 10 seconds every minute or so.

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    Default Internet freezes for around 10 seconds every minute or so.

    Been having this problem since Wednesday and cannot figure it out, any help would be greatly appreciated as I go back to work this Wednesday and it becomes impossible to do.

    I left my computer on overnight on Tuesday, there was a windows update and when i woke up my computer had already restarted. When i went to use it every usb hardware connected to my computer was not working, mouse, keyboard, headset, wifi dongle etc. So I pressed the restart button. Upon restarting it hung on the windows logo for 10 minutes with no sign of moving so i held the power button until it turned off. Turned it back on, hung on windows logo for 5 minutes but then turned on. Everything was slow but working apart from my internet.

    What happens.
    For about 10 seconds every minute or so (it is a repeated pattern) my internet will freeze causing freezes in games, my work to close and general annoyance. I ran a ping -t string in CMD and this is what happens.
    (sorry to do this, but wont let me post urls and its pretty important to get help with)

    What i've tried
    I've used the ipconfig /release /renew /flushdns options with no success. I checked to see if the problem was to do with router but only my computer is having the problem.

    Odd thing
    What i've noticed is if i'm in a skype call the internet is perfect, not a single freeze but as soon as the skype call ends it goes back to the above.

    This is really frustrating and the only thing i can think of is to reinstall Windows 7 (done this about 8 times so far this year so its getting rather annoying)

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Maybe it is your browser that is freezing....

    Please check with another browser.

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    If you tried another browser and it too has the same issues, please change your DNS to Google or Comodo. Right click on network icon in system tray and select change adapter settings. From there, select your connection and click properties. From properties, click on IPv4 and change the DNS. Click Ok and then see if it made any difference.

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