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Thread: Windows Update stopped updating

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    Default Windows Update stopped updating

    I wasn't able to use this desktop for some time, due to another back surgery. (my 12th) When I was able to sit up again I tried to get it updated. Some worked, but some failed. And now I get no automatic updates. When I try to manually search, it just spins. I will insert a screenshot of my update history. Please help me get this problem fixed. I want to be able to work from home and this is my link to the outside world. Thanks in advance.

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    You need not worry if the computer is functioning properly. The failed updates are downloaded again and installed automatically. Maybe the server is busy or you have too many programs open while manually searching so it is not showing up. You can also go to Windows folder -> Software Distribution. Delete all files there and then try Update again.
    PS: Make a System Restore point if you opt for deleting contents of Software Distribution folder so that if anything goes wrong, you can use it to revert.

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    as the above commentator has said , dont worry

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