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Thread: Hardware Audit for a network freeware

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    Default Hardware Audit for a network freeware

    Hi there! I need help with my network at office. We use Windows 7 on machines (probably, near 100 nodes) and 1 Win server 2003. It`s not a big network in a company but in all that mess i need to check nodes through all network in schedules, also remotely about hardware and software changes, versions, updates etc. Preferably, freeware. I`ve used OCS Inventory with glpi and Spiceworks but they`re not meeting my expectations (too slow or need to have pre-installed agent). Right now i`m using Total Network Inventory pc hardware inventory and so far i`m happy with the result. Can someone advise similar product (but freeware) to manage software or hardware audit? I need system that scans all nodes ( that are connected remotely through VPN or in network) for software, hardware, license updates (including 3rd parties software, open-source or not). Cross-platform (not necessary), IP monitoring. Asset Management and Application Inventory; passive monitoring of host configuration and active states; processor, memory etc.; host network interface speed; ticketing system; logs

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    Does this work for you?

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