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Thread: My old Acer laptop is speaking Japanese.

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    Default My old Acer laptop is speaking Japanese.

    I have a very old Acer Laptop which I have not used for a few years and my wife wanted to edit something our son had written.
    I put the document from my computer onto a USB and placed it in the Acer and clicked onto it to open it and the following happened.

    A square opened marked, “File conversion-Mikes doc.odt."
    On that square another smaller square opened with a list running from top to bottom the top one showing as “Arabic (864)" at the top and the bottom showed "West European (Windows."
    What ever I do the document showing gobbledygook.

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    Open Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Language.

    Set you default language back to English here.

    Or else that file could have been infected and it infected your PC. Run your antivirus software and see.

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    As HappyAndyK has said, first ensure the file is not infected.
    In which application the file is being opened? Is it by default opening in Microsoft Word? Which version of Microsoft Office are you having? Does it support .ODT files? Else try this >> From the file Explorer, right click on the file/document and select Open With and select Wordpad (if its not listed, Selcet 'Choose another app' and Select Wordpad from list. And now see if it works.
    ANd there are free apps to convert .ODt files to .doc files too. You can try that too.

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