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Thread: Cannot open photos in Windows Photo view + Windows Explorer stopped working problems

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    Exclamation Cannot open photos in Windows Photo view + Windows Explorer stopped working problems

    Hi brains!
    Escalating problem with Windows Explorer stopped working issues..
    It started with having have issues with my photo viewer, view videos from photo folder and so on..
    Started with that I noticed I couldn´t double click and open a photo in photo viewer as normal.. Nothing happened, it just didn´t load.. The load symbol next to the cursor showed in just a split second, but then nothing.
    Not possible to open via the Pre view option either, or right click and then Open in - Photo Viewer. But I can open photo via right click and then open in Microsoft Office.
    In a photo folder i also have videos, but if I scroll down in this folder and gets to the videos, if my cursor touches any of the video files then error msg Windows Explorer stopped working and then closes down everything.
    This problem started in December/ January but haven´t had time to properly investigate before now..

    I have an Acer Aspire M3910 - Eizo EV2333W (1920x1080@60Hz) ATI Radeon HD 5570 - Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit Versjon 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601, Office Professional Plus 2010 and Avast Antivirus (the free vs).

    When I first noticed this problem I tried resetting system to an earlier point, but didn´t help.
    Also deinstalled some programs that I could think of causing this, like Sony Play Memories Home that I recently had tried out for importing photos from my camera (Sony RX100 II).

    This week I started trying out several solutions, but still no luck.
    I noticed that in right click a photo -> Properties-> Open in-> (list of programs and shows Windows Photo viewer as default) the check box for Always open these files in chosen program was checked but faded, so not possible to uncheck or choose another program and check this box.

    So first back up of everything and then System File scanning.
    Tried deleted a windows update KB2670838 as found as suggestion, that made me able to now scroll down in the picture folder where I also have videos, and then I was able to see and touch the thumbnails of videos with my cursor without the error msg or close down. But I could still not open the photos or videos, if double clicking the video file the windows media player window opened (but no video), and after a second the error msg came and closed it down. The error msg was then followed by a new error msg:
    COM Surrogate stopped working -> files describing problems:
    C:\Users\Kontoret\AppData\Local\Temp\WER415.tmp.WE RInternalMetadata.xml
    C:\Users\Kontoret\AppData\Local\Temp\WER387E.tmp.a ppcompat.txt
    C:\Users\Kontoret\AppData\Local\Temp\WER38DD.tmp.m dmp
    (Have no idea what these are).

    Tried CMD->admin-> sfc /scannow but no result.
    Then I tried CMD->admin-> regsvr32 vbscript.dll (sucess) and regsvr32 jscript.dll failed with error msg "Module jscript.dll is loaded, but call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80004005. Search internet for more info.."

    Then found your tip to try out, from your page here: msdt.exe -id WindowsMediaPlayerConfigurationDiagnostic -
    It returned error: Problems found: Configuration settings might be incorrect - Discovered and a yellow warning sign.. (sorry if my translations of msgs is not all correct but as close as I can ) )

    Then I tried both programs found here on your site:
    The FixWMP I don´t believe did anything, after FixWin Utility (and first option under Media Player) I ran SCF scannow and restarted.

    Then it worked!

    In the photo folder where I also have videos - all videos was no showing with a preview thumbnail (that I could see the content of it) and symbol for windows media player showing at the bottom right in it, as opposed to earlier the thumbnail only showed the symbol: MP4 file symbol(??)

    So now everything worked (2 days ago), I could open videos as normal, and also the photos opened now as normal in Windows Photo viewer.

    If I right clicked on a photo- Properties -Open in - then the checked Always Open in box was now not faded anymore.
    So to test it I chose Open in - Windows Office 2010, then Ok, and it worked as normal, but trying the same and open in Windows Live Moviemaker or Windows Live Photo gallery then the error message came again and shut it down. BUT - now it was a not Windows Explorer message, now it was the programs error message, like "Windows Live Moviemaker has stopped working", and it shut down only the program and not the whole Library window as with the explorer error.
    But opening photos in Windows Photo Viewer and videos still worked as normal.
    So I knew it was still not healthy. I noticed alot of Windows Updates ready to install, but wanted to leave them and not install them.
    Next day my machine had restarted because the updates had installed afterall, and windows photo viewer not working again. But video files still worked.

    Then I have been in contact with a tech company to help out, he suggests that I have to reinstall Windows as he believes problems are too deep. I want to avoid this if possible because it takes forever to get my computer back on track with all programs I have to reinstall then..

    He made me follow these steps, which I did yesterday and Hitman today:
    1) Run

    2) Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. Turn on the “Scan for Rootkits” option. Then, run a “Threat Scan”

    3) Run ADWCleaner using the “Scan” option. Then press “Cleaning” when finished and allow it to reboot your system.

    4) Run Malwarebytes' Junkware Removal Tool and allow it to finish. Reboot your computer upon completion.

    Optional, Advanced Step (only run if previous tools fail to solve problem):
    5) Run HitmanPro

    No viruses found in any of these steps, but some data in the logs could perhaps help but too much to include here now..
    (forexample in RKill it says in the log: "Checking Windows Service Integrity: * TBS [Missing Service]". Don´t know if this is of any interest or pointing to the issues).

    All these steps did not fix issues.

    So I did all these, ran once again sfc /scannow and still no conflicts found.
    Then I tried the CMD->admin-> regsvr32 vbscript.dll and regsvr32 jscript.dll again, and now both were sucessfull, as the jscript failed the first time earlier this week.

    But after all these, now the problems are back to scratch.
    The videofiles thumbnails are all changed back to the MP4(?) file symbol, except for one video in the same folder.
    When touching the video files with cursor the Windows Explorer error message pops up and shuts down everything. (only the library window).
    Photo files cannot be opened in photo viewer in any way, when double clicking nothing happens except the load symbol next to the cursor shows a few seconds then goes away and nothing happens.
    Photos can be opened by right click - open in - Microsoft office, but not in any of the windows live programs (photo gallery or moviemaker), then the error Windos Explorer stopped working and closes down the program - (but does not close down the library window).

    Another thing I discovered today (not sure if it was like this earlier this week, but I know it was not like last week), is that my Avast won´t open. The symbol on my task bar says I´m protected, but trying to open it to perform a scan etc. just won´t. I cannot delete the program either, it opens the first window where I´m aske if repair, uninstall etc, and when cheking uninstall it opens a new window but closes it down before I can check proceed..

    I haven´t tested other programs yet.
    Opening Word and those programs works fine.

    Ok, this was very long, if you managed to read all this you are the best

    If anyone can provide some solution, (but hopefully not the obvious reinstall windows solution just yet), you are the greatest )

    Thanks so much for any solutionable input

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    Perform Clean Boot. Check if the problems still appear. If they do not, then maybe some process is creating issues. Use Clean Boot to manually identify and isolate the problem.

    Installed Add-ons can also create problems. Check if you have installed any helpers or add-ons to your explorer. Uninstall or disable them. Often, even 3rd-party shell extensions can cause Explorer to crash on particular actions. Several programs add items to the right-click context menu. See Point 9 here: Windows explorer crashes or freezes

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