Dell 5110 AMD version with Windows 7 64 bit. This laptop is real crisp when it is not having problems that I think are related to these freezing problems. It is getting random total freezes that donít seem to be caused by any specific task. It freezes whatever is on the screen, the mouse and keyboard. All that is left is the power button and the ledís. It may happen as soon as windows starts, after a couple hours of use or anywhere in between. Usually it seems to be pretty sudden, but sometimes it gives some warning something is coming up. I have even reinstalled a clean non Dell OS since I am planning on selling it but I need this fixed first. I have tried many of the things I have found to try and fix this.

Memtest and the Dell hardware tests all pass. The only added program on to what the OS has is chrome. I updated IE. Nothing has been done to likely get any malware. MSE scan comes out clean. I have all current updates. Drivers may have been wrong for the Bluetooth but I think that is all straightened out as I have no yellow marks in dev mgr and the quick freezes donít seem to be happening anymore. I have run sfc scan and it always comes up clean. chkdsk has been run and it repaired a couple file location problems. I have run defrag.

I canít really follow the event viewer errors. I donít even know if it sets any errors for this as they are so sudden. Are there some tests or logs I can send so someone can determine what process is killing this?