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Thread: Windows 7 wont boot. Splash and crash/reset

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    Default Windows 7 wont boot. Splash and crash/reset

    Been fighting to fix my Windows 7 SP1 wont boot issue for a few week. Im pretty savvy, but time to throw in the towel and aske the experts.

    - Wont boot into Windows regular or any version of Safe Modes.
    - Shut down for the night back in late Feb and boot issue the next day/time booted.
    - Ran Startup repair too many times.
    - Tried SFC a few times from the command prompt off the Install/repair disk get a “Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation” - Ran ICACLS, DISM Cleanup, Revertpackage, etc, still no joy.
    - Ran SFC with the offwindir and offbootdir switches as below and get the disk protection error.
    - Ran chkdsk /f /r on all drives/partitions a few times.
    - Drive letters mixed up Should be System is C:, D: is Apps, E: is Data, OS changes is often F:, but really should be C:
    - Files are there, and I've cloned the original disk to a HD, in case there were surface/sector issue on the original HD. The crash after splash followed to the new HD.
    - Occurred in mid-late Feb.
    - Safemode wont boot and seems to crash while on the disk.sys file.
    - Usually a quick unreadable BSOD, but did once show something like a "fatal system error knowndll" or something like that.

    Corrupt system file(s)?
    Bad Patches/KB load?
    Somehow I think I either had a bad disk and a key file got corrupted, or a bad patch in Feb loaded?

    ----s that you have to be IN Windows to effectively run SFC...or even be able to in place 'upgrade'

    I do have Bootable utility disks, like Hirens boot CD, UBCD4WIN, athe Windows repair disk and Windows Install/repair disk.

    Need some help, advice or things to try.

    Apologies if I am blowing any protocols - This is my first post

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    Not sure how to post a few log files I have. and an SFC attempt CBS.log from a 3nd computer which I fan SFC on the suspect windows as an external drive attached via USB.

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    You will have to use the Installation Media to repair the OS.
    More suggestions: Windows 10 PC will not boot up or start

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    To do so, you need to run the bootrec utility:
    Insert the Windows Vista or Windows 7 install disc and restart the computer.
    Boot from the disc.
    Click Repair your computer.
    Select Command Prompt at the System Recovery Options screen.
    Type: bootrec /FixMbr.
    Press Enter.
    Type: bootrec /FixBoot.
    Press Enter.

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