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Thread: Windows 7 64bit PC no internet acess, wireless signal strong

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    Default Windows 7 64bit PC no internet acess, wireless signal strong

    Hi. Since my internet went down for some hours yesterday, I have been unable to get internet access back on the PC. Laptops & other devices are connected to the wireless, no problems. I have tried: resetting the adaptor (using Windows network diagnostice; going back to previous restore point.

    I tried to flush and reset the dns but even though my (main) user account is set to Administrator, cmd will not allow the re-setting. There is no 'cmd - run as administrator' option on my Accessories list. So I cannot reset the dns via cmd.

    There are no dns settings there.
    There is no 'run as administrator' option on Accessories - cmd

    Windows diagnostics says two things:

    'Wireless Network Connection does not have a valid IP configuration"

    "Problem with wireless adaptor or access point"

    The access point is fine, as other devices are connected to wireless internet.
    On System - devices the adaptor is fine. And it is fine when I go on the adaptor grey thingy. Device is working properly.

    Also, the wireless connection says it is a public network - is it meant to be public? If not, how to change this?

    To complicat my life - my Windows 7 64bit is recognised by Microsoft as legitimate, paid for. But not so recognised on my PC. I have, via complicated registry changes, stopped the annoying 30 day countdown (which started after 18 months of running with no problems, after a Windows 7 update). Microsoft support have given up trying to resolve this problem on my PC, and I am left with the annoying grey notice popping up frequently telling me my Windows is not legit. I am not going to reinstall Windows 7 as I will end up with the 30 day countdown again, and I am not using scannow to check for registry errors for the same reason.

    Is there any way for me to manually put in dns settings? It is all weird as for a very short period today the wireless internet did work, then went off again.

    Many thanks for any advice,

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    Hi again. UPDATE on the above.
    Sorted out the cmd run as administrator.
    Cleared and reset the dns.
    Refreshed the winsock.

    Wireless internet was working for a while, but then it stopped. Clicking on the network icon, it says Wireless is connected, but says No internet access.

    Flummoxed! Any ideas, anyone?

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