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Thread: Windows Activation popup (code 0x8004fe21) even when my Windows is activated

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    Default Windows Activation popup (code 0x8004fe21) even when my Windows is activated

    A "Windows Activation Technologies" window continually pops up to say my copy of Windows 7 may not be genuine (code 0x8004fe21) and needs to be validated.
    This started recently, after about a year of use. The system reports Windows is genuine and activated.
    Computer is HP Z240 and was purchased from a major dealer. No major changes have been made to the hardware.

    I am unable to validate Windows through the popup even using Internet Explorer with security as low as possible. Messages indicate that script(s) are not running properly.
    MGADiag.exe tells me Windows is valid and activated, but the popups still appear.
    Does anyone know how to fix this annoying problem?


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    I have read your possible solution.
    My wifes aging acer laptop with W7 Home Premium OEM is popping up the message above about not being genuine since the last three months.

    I would like to try your solution, and I am confident that it will work, but does the not genuine notice also imply blocking some of Windows updates? So, if I disable the Auto Activation feature to get rid of the pop-up it probably does not change the partial blocking of windows update.

    Please, correct me if I make the wrong conclusion.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default i don't think i have fixed the problem fully,but the popup is now gone.No it was not a virus as i did multiple virus scans.As an avid user of this computer,i usually consistantly check services that are running in administrative tools/services.I have disabled many unnescassary ones. i am not new to doing such things as i have done it since windows 98.However,it's been some time since i have checked.Upon this activation popup coming about,i decided to check and sure enough a new service called "Windows Activation Technology Service" appeared. It was never there before.I then came across this microsoft update>> KB971033 from here>> checked my updates and sure enough,it was there.Now i have not updated this computer in almost 3 years.Yes i know,dont bark at However,it seems as though it must have did a drive-by and installed itself or at some point in time i enabled automatic updates for only a moment and it installed it.This was about the end of last year.

    So i have decided to uninstall the update KB971033 and it uninstalled the "Windows activation Technology Service".I have not had a pop up since.That being said,the windows activation site here>> still does not recognize my windows as being genuine.But the popup is gone.Yes,i have modified this computer completely a couple years back and also have some pirated software.I assume that maybe windows finally picked it up and started giving me the popups.However,i dont think it will be bothering me anymore.I also disabled "automatic activation" through the registry.My computer itself however still says it is genuine in my control panel.Even running the "slui 3" in the run box.I entered my product key and it says it is valid.It does not seem to be stopping me from updating my computer or updating optional components.So i guess i will leave it at that.Thankyou for all your help.

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