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Thread: Windows 7 Not Accessing External Non-Bootable Empty 1 TB Hard Drive

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    Default Windows 7 Not Accessing External Non-Bootable Empty 1 TB Hard Drive

    My BIOS is set for UEFI legacy. When I formatted the 1 TB hard drive for NTFS, it was formatted automatically with GPT. Does 64 bit Windows 7 Professional support GPT? This isn’t a bootable disk. It isn’t the internal disk. This is connected to a Dell Optiplex 3010 desktop. Although, I am planning to use my old laptop as a backup, and it doesn’t seem to have any setting in its BIOS for EFI, UEFI or legacy. So I may wind up having to reformat using MBR anyway, but that is a separate problem.

    All the information I can find searching the web is about people who are using custom built machines and/or installing Windows on them or using drives over 2 TB.

    Additional Information:
    Boot List Option (Legacy, UEFI): Legacy selected
    Legacy Option ROMs enabled
    SATA Operation: AHCI
    SMART Reporting disabled
    USB Configuration: Boot Support enabled, all USB ports enabled

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