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Thread: Nothing works after installing windows 7

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    Default Nothing works after installing windows 7

    So basically i downgraded my windows from 10 to 7. And nothing is working now. Usb doesnt recognise. So i cant install anything, any drives to connect to internet or anything. No ethernet port, no cd rom. Its inspiron 15-5578. I tried tweeking bios, the current version is 1.21.1. Maybe i need to upgrade bios to be able to downgrade usb ports to 2.0 or something. I have an idea, but not sure really how to make this work. Can someone help me out?

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    Usually that happened when you downgrade your OS, but it should be supported with installers on the laptop/pc manufacturer website, just go to their website and look for your model then check the download software you will need to choose a OS version for it so you can get the right software. Hope this helps

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    Check your hardware specs. Repair Windows OS using Installation Disk. Update all device drivers.

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    Yes, installing an OS is a sort of bootstrap process. Sequence is everything. Like the other poster said, get your NIC driver first, then go straight to Windows Update and often that can supply you with the rest. That will also CYA. Your are spread eagle on the network until then. FWIW I keep a text file on my system, notes to myself, entitled "Installing Windows 7 in 206 Easy Steps" just in case some catastrophe occurs.

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