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Thread: Nothing works after installing windows 7

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    Default Nothing works after installing windows 7

    So basically i downgraded my windows from 10 to 7. And nothing is working now. Usb doesnt recognise. So i cant install anything, any drives to connect to internet or anything. No ethernet port, no cd rom. Its inspiron 15-5578. I tried tweeking bios, the current version is 1.21.1. Maybe i need to upgrade bios to be able to downgrade usb ports to 2.0 or something. I have an idea, but not sure really how to make this work. Can someone help me out?

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    Usually that happened when you downgrade your OS, but it should be supported with installers on the laptop/pc manufacturer website, just go to their website and look for your model then check the download software you will need to choose a OS version for it so you can get the right software. Hope this helps

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    Check your hardware specs. Repair Windows OS using Installation Disk. Update all device drivers.

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