After many weeks of Hard Drive light constantly staying for minutes at a time, I turned off Indexing,
that I seem to remember I did this on another machine years ago.

What happened after I stopped indexing is now starting to worry me, because after nearly 24 hours
I have had a box just named "Processing" the Processing box is going through every folder and file.

I've had Windows since '95' and I'm sure I've never seen this before.

As I write Processing has reached Users\Users Name\AppData . . . . . .

I had searched all over to find an answer for the box Processing - but no joy.

I'm wondering if the Processing Box is switching off the Indexing on each file - although this does seem
a long process to achieve this.

Just a thought: I'm not sure if this Processing is dedicated just for Windows 7 related files or not.

I have tried to run date order on HD C to see if any files have changed since yesterday but nothing,
because at least that would tell me each file has possibly changed for a reason.

There is a Cancel button - but unless advised otherwise I'll have to leave it running.

I'm confused. Any help greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.