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Thread: Windows 8 new features - discuss, suggestions, feedback

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    Default Windows 8 new features - discuss, suggestions, feedback

    Microsoft today at the D9 Conference demonstrated Windows 8. It is the first time that Microsoft decided to talk officially about Windows 8 or Windows Next. What it has disclosed is an amazing new UI, which none of the rumor sites had touched upon.

    Windows 8 promises to give you a completely new User experience and runs on the new System-on-Chip (SoC) architectures. You can read more about that at Windows 8 to get Apps, Live Tiles, new UI and more!

    Also see video Foxconn, Wistron, Quanta showcase new Windows 8 hardware.

    What do you think of these features? I for one love the Windows 8 Apps experience and the start screen.

    We already have a great thread runing here, but not that Microsoft has decided to talk of Windows 8, we can discuss the features, etc here.

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    Amazing UI, Let's see what the other videos would be about. Till now it looks cool.

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    The new interface looks really promising and well suited for touch interaction. Cant wait to see the new features at BUILD conference.

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    I'm loving it ...

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    Hi Capt.Jack,
    How are you? Do you think its better to move the 'What do you want to see in Windows 8?' topic in this thread?! Thank you.

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    Chk this video for demo of Windows 8 on various machines- Tablets, PCs, laptops , ARM based Tablets etc.

    Microsoft Presspass - Video Player

    If having problem to view the video from above link, pl chk here where I had blogged abt it.
    meraTechPort: Microsoft demoes more Windows 8 details
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    Default My Windows 8..

    Microsoft need to get rid of the taskbar and start menu to give Windows an intuitive approach, for the start menu they can replace it with a pad-like container that will hook icons onto it, icons such as My Computer/My Documents/Contro Panel etc...a pad that is movable and hideable but not closeable...I see it as a serious contender in the for the taskbar I haven't had any thoughts as of yet...

    when will Microsoft listen to its consumers...

    I dont understand why Microsoft doesn't make something as good as MAC or strive for something that can change the game where others will follow, its always that Microsoft is late to the party, late in the UI change, late in the mobile game, late in browser war etc, why do they have to catch their ear from over their heads rather than plainly catching it normally like we all do...its plain and simple as that..

    Windows 8 UI is just too plain and simple although nice but still lacks something in the UI to make it more fun than Windows 7 or a MAC..
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    I didn't listen about window 8 before.. But after reading this thread, I want to use this window..
    I think it has good features and user friendly and very advance form of windows..

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    I think the backcolor is so dark , made me feel uncomfortable.I think you can improve it ,then there will be more visitor!

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    Default Concept: Microsoft Surface thinner & making on Phones and Tables at low cost

    Dear Microsoft Windows Phone team,

    Concept : Making Low Cost Microsoft Surface V3 thinner than ever before and making it affordable to everyone and to any formfactor that too even in phones and tablets.

    Here is my idea for Microsoft Surface Sense V3. You already have the technology for Microsoft Surface Sense Ver 3. Concept is Simple and it will reduce the Amount of thickness and the cost associated with the Surface Hardware.

    Here is my idea which can be applied to Surface Computer:

    Watch MSAppliedSciences - Smart Interactive Displays Youtube Video link below:

    The concept of Seeing everything using Single Camera that too can be placed not below the screen but to the side of the screen using Optical Vedge. Check the video at 2:00 mins and the concept what i'm telling will begin there to till end of the video.

    So by adding this to your Surface Computer and having an OLED display it adds more feature to your Sense and it can be brought to any tablet or phone formfactor.

    I would like to have this feature in upcoming Windows phone 8 , Zune and Windows 8 tablets and Desktops.

    Using this we can have Eye to Eye telepresence and will drop the Surface Hardware very less and more people can afford it.

    If you really like this email send me some gifts for my marriage which is on Sep 8th 2011 or send me an offer lettter to this Email ID.

    Much Obliged!


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