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Thread: How to get the Start menu back in Windows 8 !

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    Wow. I remember the old Norton Commander. Those were the good ol' days.

    Vista Start Menu is a LOT more like a real start menu that Start8, which ****s. I'm using Vista Start Menu now on my Win8 Desktop. I want a tablet so I can appreciate Metro more. I've given it a real, honest to God try. But, it's not growing on me, it gets to a point where it is counter-efficient and just a pain in the @$$. It's great on the Windows Phone, just as I'm sure it's great on a tablet. But, those aren't content creators (or at least aren't easily used as such). For a desktop or laptop where you need to get some real work done (including using PuTTY, Excel, CMD, Active Directory, etc.), Metro has no place. Even with Desktop app there, it's just not any more efficient than Explorer - I'd even go on to say it's less efficient. Yes, I've tried to support Metro in the past, but I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt and give some time to learn the new interface (just as I did with the Start menu when it first appeared). Sadly, I just can't support it on the desktop anymore. It's just not working, and I need something that works, so I can get some work done.

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    Hey guys:

    I upgraded to W8 this weekend and installed Statr8 and evidently they made some improvements since this thread started because it is a very nice tool. You actually have a choice between seeing a traditional start menu or the metro start menu when you click the added start button. It also offers some other customization features. In my opinion it adds back almost all the functionality of the W7 start menu and is well worth $5

    Start8 for Windows® 8 - Bringing back the Windows Start menu

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    Yes - it looks, but thankfully, I am no longer missing the start menu/button now.

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    First things first. Do not pay for a start menu program, its a rip off, for these basics should still be options that the user should have. It is totally wrong for microsoft to force us to use such a system on a powerful desktop computer...

    Honestly its like building an electric car and then getting a V8 to power it... Oh we already have those!!!

    As you can see from the link below, I have my Windows 8 the way I want it, its all back and that metro UI is a thing of the past, all the apps have been uninstalled... Its a usable system now, where as Windows 8 in its normal load up, is a complete epic fail... Microsoft need to understand that choice is such a better way to impress its customers rather than forcing them to use things they do not want to use.

    Its great for a phone or a tablet, however for a desktop gaming PC it really does ----... You dont see apple trying to force their users on the desktop machines into using an Ipad style operating system. Why is this, because its a completely different machine, it has more power and, for technicians like me, I want to get into the software and change things to suite my needs!!!

    Anyway the program is called Classic shell, its free to download and gives you the option of 3 different types of start menu for windows 8...

    Windows XP Vista and 7...

    You can get it here FOR FREE!!!

    Do not pay people for apps to change windows as it should be...

    I hope this helps you all

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