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Thread: Windows WinX Menu shortcut key not working

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdmf74 View Post
    I too am having problems with the win+x shortcut,when I try to use it nothing happens.(I mean all the options appear in the box but when I click on one i.e. device manager,nothing happens) All the other win+ shortcuts work though. I have not messed with my registry at all. Any other things that may be causing this???? or known fixes??? I have had to reformat and reinstall windows 8 several times already for other unrelated problems and DO NOT want to do it again.

    If I create another user account it works with that one but not with my main(administrator) account. This is unfortunate Those win+key shortcuts are one of the few things that make windows 8 bearable
    group 1 of the menu(desktop) works: and group 2(run)works but nothing else: and nothing in group 3 works! wierd huh? any suggestions?

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    If anyone is suffering from this problem in Windows 8 or 10, and it seems like a lot of people are, it seems to be caused by a shell extension, in my case Ruvuma.ContextMenuExt.ContextMenu, but there are numerous other culprits.

    The solution was to downloaded and run's ShellExView Shell Extension Manager For Windows which will lists every shell extension and allow you to disable them, just disabled each non-Microsoft one in turn, restart windows explorer, until you find the culprit.

    Credit goes to Dannyboy75.

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