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Thread: New ASUS Windows 8 touch laptop very slow

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    Default New ASUS Windows 8 touch laptop very slow

    I just bought a new ASUS Windows 8 touch laptop. But I am finding it very slow to start. The programs take time to open. Even the right menu takes time to open. Truly frustrated want feel like throwing it away. My old desktop was better and faster.

    I see a lot of programs like:

    ASUS VivoBook
    ASUS Instant Connect
    ASUS InstantOn
    ASUS LifeFrame3
    ASUS Live Update
    ASUS Power4Gear
    ASUS S200 Product DEmo
    ASUS Smart Gesture
    ASUS Splendid Video
    ASUS Tutor
    ASUS Charger Plus
    ASUS Wenstorage Sync
    Atheros Communications
    ATK Package
    and so on.

    Do I need all this $-hit! Or can I uninstall any of them?

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    Those programs only matter if they are starting with Windows. If they are just sitting on your hard drive and you (or your notebook) don't need them, they are simply wasting disk space, but not affecting performance.

    My old desktop was better and faster.
    That really does not mean anything to us because we don't know the hardware specs of your old PC, or your new notebook.

    I recommend you search each of those items and see if you need them. If not, you [hopefully] can remove them through the "Programs and Features" Control Panel applet. For example, ASUS Charger Plus.

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    Most new OEM laptops come pre-installed with many such unwanted trialware or software, commonly referred to as crapware or craplets. From your list, I can guess that most of the ASUS programs must be adding extra functionality to your laptop - something more than what Windows 8 OS offers. But what happens is that most of these must be adding themselves to your start up list or running as Services in the background.

    As Digerati has mentioned, you may have to search for each of the programs, see what they do and then uninstall them if you feel you don't need them. It its trialware, you can go ahead and uninstall them. Just ensure that you don't end up uninstalling some drivers.

    You may want to have a look at these posts:
    Remover crapware and craplets from Windows OEM PC before using it | WinVistaClub
    Top Three Free Crapware Removal Software for Windows

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    Thanks for your inputs and links. I guess I will study them, uninstall a few programs from the control panel and hope it does not break my computer.

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