I have installed Windows 8.1 64bit last week and tried to make some custom tiles.
At first I tried OblyTile 0.9 and then also MTM.
It was possible to creat custom Folders (pictures, videos, music and documents) with OblyTile. After that I used MTM, because there were already very nice tile images for Firefox, Steam etc.
Firefox still worked for me, but all other tiles did not even show up on the Start screen after that. When i clicked on the Firefox tile, i got this error message:

Windows Script Host
Script C:\Program Files\MTM\T001\RunFile.vbs
Line: 11
Char: 79
Error: Unterminated String Constant
Code: 800A0409
Source: Microsoft VBScript Compilation error.
I tried to reset everything by uninstalling MTM and OblyTile, deleting all created tiles and running ccCLeaner. Then resart and installing MTM again. But still no new tiles appear. MTM says to created tiles: Currently Pinned...

Can you help me please?