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Thread: Metro Tiles Refusing to Open, All Previous Solutions Checked and Failed

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    Angry Metro Tiles Refusing to Open, All Previous Solutions Checked and Failed

    Please help me with this one!

    I have read about a million forums where people experience Metro Tile shutdown, error messages, etc. Most of them direct you to UAC settings, screen resolution, uninstalling certain programs, trying WITH an e-mail, trying as a Local user, sweeping the history, refreshing the PC, rebooting with all/various system scans running before the interface even loads, EVERYTHING.

    None of these things have worked for me. The most curious error is that my computer refuses to Refresh as well, always crashing or returning with an "unable to refresh". So my Tiles do nothing when you click on them (you can click on them 300 times without anything happening), my Store tile will get to the open screen where you just see the Icon and then crash, and my PC Refresh will take half an hour to tell me it's not going to refresh.

    I bought the Windows 8 as a download from the Microsoft site about a year ago when they were offering the $40 Christmas promotion pre-release, so i do NOT have a CD to accompany the Refresh (which I figure is the problem). MOST users tell me the tiles can be fixed in the Store tile - BUT I CAN'T OPEN THE STORE TILE!

    I feel like everyone is telling me the same 10 things and none of them work.
    Any other ideas? Or am I stuck with a Windows 8 computer with none of the Windows 8 functionalities?

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    These are few links at the of this post Fix: Windows 8 tiles are not working. Maybe you wan to see if something helps there.

    Also see Windows 8 Refresh or Reset PC fails.

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    Hi there!

    Have you updated to 8.1? If so there is a legit way to download the Windows 8.1 ISO Overcome Windows 8.1 Upgrade Errors With A Legal ISO Download using that you can run the repair on OS.

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