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Thread: Windows PowerShell crashes after loading

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    Default Windows PowerShell crashes after loading

    Whether I try to start up PowerShell it loads for a split second, I'm able to see the blue screen then exits out, crashes.

    PowerShell ISE simply states that it has stopped working.

    Powershell ISE has stopped working

    Any fixes or if this issue is common?

    I'm running Windows 8.1 with x64 processors.

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    Just some thoughts:

    See if you can run it as Admin.

    Open Run, type PowerShell_Ise -NoProfile or PowerShell -NoProfile and hit Enter. Does it open? If so there maybe issues with the Profile.

    Run System File Checker sfc /scannow and see it it helps.

    FYI, ISE needs .Net 3.5.

    Use SysInternals Procmon to monitor its startup and see if something there gives you a direction to start troubleshooting.

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