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Thread: Changing The Maximum Number of Windows 8.1 Start Tiles Problem

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    Default Changing The Maximum Number of Windows 8.1 Start Tiles Problem

    Hello! This is my first post here, so I hope I'm asking this question in the correct area.

    I wanted to change the number of rows in my Windows 8.1 Start Tiles from 5 to 4. I followed the steps from your tutoria, but when I signed out and signed back in, I still see 5 rows.

    Additionally, I tried using a VBS script from EightForums, but that also did not work. (Apparently, I'm not allowed to post URLs, so unfortunatley I cannot link you to the VBS script that I found by searching google for "Change Windows 8.1 Start Tiles Rows", so if you want to see what I'm talking about you should search for the same thing and click the first result from EightForums).

    Does anyone have any ideas why I'm not able to change my rows from 5 to 4? My laptop's monitor's resolution is 1920x1080, if information could help troubleshoot my problem here.

    Thanks a whole lot! I really want to have only 4 rows, but if it seems like it'll be way more trouble than it's worth, sticking with 5 isn't a huge deal.

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