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Thread: How to open Admin CMD without knowing the password?

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    Default How to open Admin CMD without knowing the password?

    I don't know my Admin password to my Windows 8.1 box. When I installed it, it auto-linked to my Hotmail account (then Everything else attached to that email account) I unlinked the Hotmail account and set a password. I haven't used this box in awhile. Now, I've forgotten the Admin password and every thread here says "run CMD in Admin mode" ... uh. Duh? really?

    Registry key workaround anybody? anything Other than use the admin privileges which I cannot access to create a backdoor so I can get in?

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    I suggest you to switch to Microsoft account again, then change the password of your Microsoft account, restart the machine and log on with new password. In this way, you should have a new password to remember at last

    Hope this helps, Good luck

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