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Thread: SENDTO discrepancies

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    Default SENDTO discrepancies


    I noticed some discrepancies with Sendto:-

    When I Right click on an icon & select Sendto the MS Photo Editor does not show up although I put it there in "...Roaming.....Windows Sendto"

    Also I deleted "Floppy drive A" in "...Roaming.....Windows Sendto" but, it still shows when I Right click on an icon & select Sendto.

    Sorry I could not add screen shots here.

    Can any one explain & correct this? .........thanx ........nick
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    First I hope that you don't mind but you ended up with two threads that were the same on this issue, I deleted the duplicate.

    Is this a recent issue that used to be OK or has it always been this way? If it is a recent occurrence I would suggest that you do a system restore to before the issue.

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    Please see if something in this post on Send To Menu helps you.

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