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Thread: Transfer Mac mail to Windows mail

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    Default Transfer Mac mail to Windows mail

    Hi Guys, I am having a troublesome time in getting my emails that I have stored in my old mac mail transferred over to the magnificent windows mail in 8.1. Love the app, just need my old emails from the old computer for reference.

    Is there a way to do this or do I need to go through every email to see if there is relevant info there.

    Appreciate any help you may be able to give.


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    The easiest answer is to set up an IMAP mail account (GMail does free IMAP mail) on the MAC and drag and drop the mail folders to it.
    Then set up the same IMAP mail account on your Windows 7 computer and synchronize.
    If that's not an option (bandwidth restrictions etc.) then you need to ascertain
    a) what file format Apple Mail keeps its mail in and/or
    b) what export options you have in Apple Mail.

    Since I don't run an Apple system that is going to be about the best that I can offer.

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    I think the Easiest way to do this would be:
    You can also Try to follow these steps for same:

    1) Setup IMAP Mail Account (Gmail does it for free)
    2) Configure Mac Outlook / Mac Mail with IMAP Mail Account
    3) Synchronize GMail with Mac Outlook / Mac Mail
    4) Move Emails to Mailbox of IMAP
    5) Transfer Emails in Windows 8.1 Mail from IMAP Mailbox

    Also, if you wish to export your Messages in the Mac Mail, you can do so by opening the Mail App in Mac, and then navigating to
    Finder--> Mail Box --> Export Mailbox

    Select Export Subfolders if you want to export them too.

    However, I am not sure of what file format it exports, and whether it is accepted by the Windows Mail. I will check in some time and update you whether you can export.

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