Is it possible to conveniently, reliably and safely disable and restart WWAHost.exe?

WWAHost.exe tampers with the threads of a web-hosted, sandboxed secure browser that I have been trying to use. The product is Quarri's myPOQ.

WWAHost.exe is controlled by WinRT. Therefore, I can not terminate it via Task Manager. If I use Process Hacker I can terminate it, but it will restart...which immediately causes the secure browser to close.

*** WARNING: Do NOT use Process Hacker to Terminate and Block WWAHost.exe. Doing so will cause the permissions of various folders to be revoked. Consequently, all Metro Apps will not function properly (they will launch, then immediately close). While this can be fixed, the only practical way to do so is to revert to a Restore Point. The alternative is a cumbersome permission reset of all the affected folders plus multiple registry edits. In short, don't do it!

Or is it possible to terminate and restart all Metro Apps at one time in a safe manner (without messing with WWAHost.exe)?

What, if anything, can I do?