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Thread: Right Click Crashes Explorer in Windows 8

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    Default Right Click Crashes Explorer in Windows 8

    I purchased a new tower a few months ago with Windows 8 pre-installed and I found that right mouse clicking on a folder or a drive in the navigation pane causes explorer to freeze then crash. (e.g. if I want to get right mouse click options to do a properties check on the drive, copy a folder, rename etc.)

    If I am in the main window (not nav pane) the right click option works fine. Has anyone got a solution for this it is a real pain in the butt.

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    If your Windows 8 came pre-installed, chances are high that some other programs may have been pre-installed too. Maybe one of these is interfering with the proper functioning of File Explorer in Windows 8.

    Boot in Clean Boot Mode. When you start the computer in clean boot, the computer starts by using a pre-selected minimal set of drivers and startup programs. It thus helps isolate a problem.

    Check if some program has installed any helpers or add-ons to your explorer. Uninstall or disable them. Often, even 3rd-party shell extensions can cause Explorer to crash on particular actions. Several programs add items to the right-click context menu. To see them in detail, you may download the freeware utility ShellExView. Use it to disable or remove 3rd-party extensions.

    If you need additional ideas, see this post: Windows explorer crashes or freezes.

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    In addition to above mentioned suggestions, you can also try following command at administrative Windows PowerShell:

    Repair-WindowsImage -Online -RestoreHealth
    Let us know if something worked for you.

    Good luck

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    If the above does not help it should still be under warranty. Take it back.

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