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Thread: How do I get rid of Windows 8.1 password login

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    Default How do I get rid of Windows 8.1 password login

    David here, I got a new Toshiba C55 laptop for Xmas w Windows 8.1 on it. Pulling my hair out with OS but having fun!! Is there a way I can get the sytem to boot to desktop without keying in passwords? I have no confidential info on my system and use it mostly to surf net!! Tks so much for any help, David N.

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    Its a really bad idea to boot to desktop without any password if you are using the default Administrator account.
    Because if someone else gets access to the computer there is nothing to stop that person from deleting important files or change settings etc.
    You have no protection....

    If you have not already done it, create a new ADMIN-account & add a good pasword.
    Change your old ADMIN-account into a USER-account (Standard).
    Then use the new USER-account to boot directly to desktop.

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    I recommend what the others said, and, add a guest account. Guest acct will come in handy if/when your good friends come visiting and want to share experiences on your new laptop. Consider passwording the UEFI [or UEFI/BIOS], using the same password for your normal surfin' account. Keeps your guest[s] from getting into UEFI [or UEFI/BIOS]. Trust the above techs, you do not want an open system, unless you are temporarily in the midst of tech-support trouble-shooting.

    Ultimate Windows Tweaker III will Enable your built-in admin account. Be careful about "tweaking," you could end up posting from a friend's desktop/laptop in here
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