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Thread: Touch Keyboard inappropriately sized

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    Default Touch Keyboard inappropriately sized

    I'm having a problem with my touch keyboard. It works perfectly fine, but its dimensions are totally out of whack. After writing in it, the text in it is extremely small while the buttons are extremely big. This has been an ongoing problem ever since I enabled it, and disabling it, restarting, and other simple things like that don't fix the problem. I even ran the Windows Touch Keyboard diagnostic program thing, but it didn't detect any problems aside from it being on, which isn't the problem here. In addition, docking/undocking does not have any affect on the size of the text and buttons, and it exhibits the same problems when writing in Chinese (I'm bilingual, and the characters being so tiny makes the keyboard nearly unusable for this).

    Picture for example: imgur(dotcom)/FyKbjjN (why am I not allowed to post links? that's extremely annoying)

    For the record, I'm using 8.1 Pro x64, and I doubt my other specs matter in this case. I'm using a Huion 580 tablet with its default drivers, but this problem was apparent even before I owned the tablet, so it's not that.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Make sure your hardware touch drivers are up-to-date. If the issue still persists even after updating drivers, you must refer to device manufacturer's official support for this.

    Hope this helps, Good luck

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