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Thread: Windows boot load issue

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    Default Windows boot load issue

    I recently installed Windows 8.1 Enterprise. I had Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my computer prior to installing this version of Windows 8.1. My 500 GB internal hard drive is divided into almost 100 GB each. Windows 7 was installed on C drive and D was empty. Others were occupied. So I thought about installing this version of Windows 8.1 on D and check it out and it was a success.

    I used a bootable USB flash drive to install Windows 8.1. Then, I formatted both the drives (viz. C and D) and installed Windows 8.1 on C. After installing it second time on C, I hadn't disabled the 'Boot USB devices first' option and it booted from USB to show Windows 8.1 installation window. I cancelled it with 'Esc' as I had already completed the installation, changed the Boot settings and removed my USB flash drive.

    But during boot up, it shows Windows 8.1 (on volume 2) and Windows 8.1 (on volume 3). I have to select from either of the two and I know the one that I installed later in complete is on volume 2. I believe the volume 3 option is shown because the system had tried to boot from the USB drive after complete installation. I tried selecting volume 3 during boot load and it tells that it cannot load the OS because certain files are missing.

    I want to get rid of Windows 8.1 (on volume 3). Please guide me how to do the same

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    Hi !

    Welcome to the forum.

    Your post is confusing, you have to clarify what you mean.
    You said W7 on C, and W8.1 on D, I assume you mean W7 on partition 1 and W8.1 on partition 2 ?
    Then you installed W8.1 on partition 1 ?
    Do you also have other systems installed ?

    You canīt use driveletters to define where you have installed an operating system,
    because the letter used for a certain partition depends on which system you are using.

    The system that you are using is always C unless you have managed to change it.
    Fx. if you start the system on partition 1 then it is C, if you start the system on partition 2 is is also C...
    Each system can "name" the others with whatever letter they want.

    You can use EasyBCD to fix the problem.
    But first, please clarify what you mean, so I donīt give you the wrong instructions...
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