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Thread: Can't log into other user accounts in Windows 8

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    Default Can't log into other user accounts in Windows 8

    My Dell XPS8500 started out as a Windows 8 (64) PC. It has been upgraded through the various upgrade processes to Windows 8.1b (64). It now refuses to give me any way to log into the guest or a second user account I created. Switch users doesn't display any account but the primary account, nor do I have any option at startup to login to any of the other accounts. The computer management console and the User in control panel says the users are there.

    Anyone have any ideas how to resolve this (i suspect it may be involved with another problem I'm having with homegroups on that same pc. I'll post a separate thread about that problem)

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    I suggest you to check the status of issue by disconnecting or leaving all the HomeGroups you've joined, as it may be root cause for this problem.


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    Windows Club's Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2 or 3 will give you an option to "front display" [place on logon desktop] all available users. Do you have access to any admin-level account at this time? Also, by that time, you will also be able to access the built-in administration account also.

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