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Thread: Windows 8.1 homegroup corrupted

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    Default Windows 8.1 homegroup corrupted

    As far as I can tell one of my PCs has a corrupted homegroup set up that I can't login to nor make go away so I can create a new one. If I create a homegroup on the the second Windows 8.1 PC the PC with the problem won't login to the new homegroup because it thinks it belongs to one already.

    Is there a way to completely reset the corrupt homegroup on the first PC? (the homegroup troubleshooter can't find a problem and doesn't do anything to resolve the problem)

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    I am not an expert on homegroups as I use general networks for connectivity among PCs. But as far as I know, you can change the name of computer homegroup on the corrupted computer using system properties dialog box. Once that is done, you can move to the other computer and change the name of homegroup there too - to the one you gave on the problem PC. Remove the password part and see if it is connecting.
    It is a shot in dark but hope it works.

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    What happens when you try to leave the Homegroup on the suspect PC?

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