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Thread: Useless Windows 8.1 Tiles giving may problems

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    Default Useless Windows 8.1 Tiles giving may problems

    After years of frustrating problems with anything to do with Windows, I have reserved a special place of hate for Windows 8.1 and those stupid tiles.
    From the day I bought my laptop with 8.1 the dammed things have never worked from day one and wasted days and days trying to fix them without success.
    8.1 was supposed to be the big thing with tiles etc and typical Microsoft the very basic thing. the tiles they bleated about do not work.Yeah typical Windows cant even get the basics right!
    In the end just used an add-on program so I could use the normal start program as in previous versions of Windows.

    But unfortunately that did not solve all the problems. I still cannot access PC settings, click on that and just a brief flash of icon appearing and thats it nothing.
    Now hit a another major problem I'm trying to connect a new phone to Bluetooth on PC unfortunately it seems only works through those stupid tiles.

    When I try to pair the device the authorisation code appears on the phone and on Windows a small blue tile appears in the top right-hand corner saying Tap Here to connect your phone. So I click on that tile and guess what? Yeah it just disappears, so I cannot enter the authorisation code.
    It's a damn nightmare after several hours of trying I just gave up I've had enough of bloody 8.1.
    So as a last resort thought I'd try here to see if someone has any ideas how to solve this.

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