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Thread: Help please - All apps show error messages and all metro interfaces

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    Unhappy Help please - All apps show error messages and all metro interfaces

    Can anyone please help a weird issue that has developed with win 8.1?

    All apps show on tiles an error and greyed x in the corner and all fail to open with error .. refresh your computer etc ...
    But all metro interfaces also fail with an error message for example settings, windows update, also can't even add a new user as I thought may be creating a new user would over come corruption and then I could transfer the files from main user to new user but no can't as the metro screen to add a new user crashes too with same error message.

    I tried using the powershell commend to change apps store but it failed to find or open
    tried wsreset etc
    tried all troubleshooters and fixits

    I think it may be linked to permissions or a user profile corruption but I cannot fix it despite trying everything I know eg SFC scannow - no corruption found
    DISM online fails with cannot find the source ...

    My last resort but am holding back is to try an inplace repair using upgrade from a win 8.1 ISo.

    Has anyone any ideas what can be done to restore win apps and metro interface. The standards explorer works as does control panel.

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