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Thread: PC is stuck In CheckDisk - Starts at every boot

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    Default PC is stuck In CheckDisk - Starts at every boot

    Hi all,

    I have a Dell windows 8.1 PC which crashed for some reason a couple of times yesterday. I had KERNAL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR message come up, and when I restarted I noticed that Microsoft\fsavailux was using a lot of memory ..... but that's not the actual issue I face at the moment.

    I decided to do a disc check but when I tried I was told the disc was in use, would I like to have it run next time I start up. Of course I chose yes
    When it started it stuck on 11% overnight, about 9 hours
    I cancelled and ran it from the command prompt this morning ... It took 6 hours and all was well, no problems

    I started the PC and again and the chkdsk starts. again Tells me to press any key within 1 second to stop it, but it doesn't stop when I do. So I'm stuck with a PC that automatically goes to check disk on startup, but never stops checking the disc and I cant stop it doing it.

    Which means I can access my PC at all to do anything.

    Is there anything I can do or enter at the command prompt to stop it happening please? I have seen one suggestion elsewhere, but didnt work

    Thank you, I know it seems like a simple thing but I really am stuck!

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