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Thread: Windows desktop text turned from Black to White

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    Default Windows desktop text turned from Black to White

    I downloaded a security update for Java. Restarted and the result was my black desktop text turned to white.
    Tried several ways to change it back including an almost white background, several light colors and restarting. (Iwas succesful one time doing that) Tried a registry hack in colors and app workplace, changed values to 000 according to one suggestion. Didn't work
    Don't mind doing registry hacks if anyone has a suggestion on turning white desktop text back to black.
    Seems like MS would have a fix for this. Thank you
    Windows 8.1

    P.Od Senior citizen (79) with bad eyesight.

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    Not sure if this will help but try this.

    Type sysdm.cpl in start search and hit Enter to open System properties. Click on Advanced tab and then Settings button. Here ensure that Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop is checked.

    Next right-click on the desktop and select. Personalization. Here ensure that a Solid color is selected as the background and that the color is NOT white.

    Does this help?

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