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Thread: Black Screen during graphics card install on Windows 8.1

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    Default Black Screen during graphics card install on Windows 8.1

    Hello. Somehow when my screen flickers while trying to install the graphics card, on the last flicker the screen goes black after the brightness changes. Before the install I couldn't change the brightness without the graphics card installed. I went to the Device manager to uninstall the Video Game Controller (VGA Compatible) display then after I do that the graphics card installs and then repeats a black screen. So then when I reboot I can't make it to the login screen because there's a black screen with the actual graphics card installed. Please help. Give the most advice. Thanks!

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    If you updated the display driver, rollback and use and older version.
    If you have not updated, check if there are any updates available for the graphics driver,

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    Adding to what Pankaj has said, are you adding a new graphics card? Does your system already has an onboard graphics card? Have you tried the graphics card on some other system?

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    1st of all, try running Windows in safe mode (this article explains how to do that : After you boot in safe mode, Windows should load the default drivers for the video card.

    If Windows is running in safe mode, you have a driver issue. You can try this driver (not sure if it will work -

    If Windows doesnt start in safe mode either, you should troubleshoot the video card to see if the problem is in the card.(You can do that by running a OS from a USB (like Ubuntu))

    If you need more help, comment on this answer. I will see if I can help more.

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