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Thread: How To Use Microsoft AdCenter to get a view of who is reading your blogs.

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    Post How To Use Microsoft AdCenter to get a view of who is reading your blogs.

    There is a nice read about AdCenter here at TechNet Blogs.

    The lessons ?

    Be very wary of more traditional methods of tracking your traffic. Hit counts are not relevant due to bot traffic and other sources that make page view hit counts almost irrelevant.

    Get a better understanding of your traffic by monitoring things like the number of unique users to your content. Even better - try to determine how long they stay looking at your content, and whether or not they visit related pages within your site, etc.

    Realize that you aren't as important as you think you are. Hit count reports make it seem like a lot of people care about your content, but in actuality, that isn't likely the case.

    Try to figure out how to better track your RSS deliveries.

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    Thanks for the info..

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