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Thread: User Experience Bugs or Quirks in Windows Vista

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    Talking User Experience Bugs or Quirks in Windows Vista

    Here is an interesting Vista website with a difference. It asks readers to find, submit and rate some UI quirks or oddities or bugs if you may like to call them.

    Here are a few examples:

    1. There is no BIG icon for run.exe. When you set the view to Extra large icons in explorer "run" doesnt have a extra large icon.

    2. Explorer guessing the type of content in a folder. The explorer has several templates that set how and what to show about the files. These can be found and manually set in Folder Properties->Customize (which is arguably too clumsy and un-discoverable).

    When you open a folder for the first time, the explorer apparently tries to guess what type of content it has, and use an appropiate template. Except that a lot of the time, it guesses wrong. ie: In my computer, "C:\" shows the columns "Track #", "Artist", "Album", "%PROGRAMFILES%" show "Date Taken", "Tags", "Rating", etc.

    This is further exacerbated by explorer forgetting your settings for a folder, which makes it guess (and miss) again. I've set my preferred columns and view in these folders countless times.

    In addition, the option to apply a template to all subfolders doesn't work, but this could be related to said bug.

    3. Internet Explorer image placeholder icon: The icon which represents pictures or objects loading on a page in Internet Explorer is really really old and tiny.

    4. When you click folder properties of any folder and click advance on the bottom a dialogue box shows up with a Windows 95 styled icon, also the dialogue uses the Tahoma font which was left off on Windows 2000.

    5. The Windopws Flip 3D icon, even when it's new in Windows Vista does not support the "Extra large Icons" feature in Windows Vista

    More such at AeroTaskForce.

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    Thanks for sharing interesting site..

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    AeroTaskforce has been around for a very long time. Long released a version for OS X too just recently.

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