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Thread: Reality Check : GoogleFight - Microsoft vs. Apple

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    Smile Reality Check : GoogleFight - Microsoft vs. Apple

    Windows Vista Vs. Ubuntu, Bill Gates Vs. Steve Jobs, Xbox 360 Vs. Playstation 3 and seven more fights is in the cards for tonight's ''Google Fight''.Only one will be declared the winner and there will be no runner up's in this battle. Who stand's tall and who bites the dust? All the questions will be answered now. So let the games begin!

    You might ask, ''What is Google Fight''? According to Wikipedia, Googlefight is a website that allows users to compare the number of search results returned by the Google search engine for two given queries. What that essentially means is that you can compare the number of websites that two particular keywords has against each other. Suppose you do a fight between Google and Microsoft, the keyword which has the maximum number of search results or websites will win the fight. Simple!

    I made ten fights, and most of the results weren't according to my expectations!

    FIGHT # 1

    Which company is hated more, Microsoft or Apple?

    And the winner is, Apple!

    Microsoft Vs Apple

    Fight # 2

    Which Operating System is loved more, Windows Vista or Ubuntu?

    And the winner is, Windows Vista!

    Vista Vs Ubuntu

    Read the whole article @ FEEL WINDOWS

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