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Thread: What Windows Cloud Should Do At Least

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    Default What Windows Cloud Should Do At Least

    What Windows Cloud Should Do … At Least

    Ballmer announced Windows Cloud, an OS for the internet. I feel that it should do somethings like the ones pointed out at least.

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Here are some thing that i as a user would want the cloud OS to do for me:

    * Merge the storage space of Skydrive; Mesh & Office Live.

    * Skydrive folder should be a folder inside Mesh giving me features of Skyrdive (direct download links) and Live Mesh (syncing across devices).

    * Easily move attachments from my emails on Hotmail into the Mesh folders.

    * The Office Workspace should be a folder in Mesh for quick access to files.

    * A Pictures folders: The current online picture management feature of Live Spaces ****s and the Media view in mesh rocks, so a pictures folder to upload images, give sharing permissions, something like the Skydrive for images, similar to Flickr. Combining this to the Media view feature would be totally kick ass! Now, each album can be made into a folder and thereby we can have album/folder based permissions. Add the ability to create Photosynths on the fly would be simply great.

    * Considering that there is now a Live Movie Maker; something to put videos online, edit them on the fly and allow people to see them. MSN Soapbox but with an overhaul that makes it a lot more usable would work wonders.

    * A consistent UI throughout the individual services.

    * Maybe the option to change background image like on for having my own wallpaper.
    Full article.

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    Insightful article !

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