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Thread: MS Office Labs Releases Multi-Touch Software “Touchless”

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    Thumbs up MS Office Labs Releases Multi-Touch Software “Touchless”

    Microsoft Office lab has released software called Touchless software that uses a web camera and everyday objects as input. Touchless is an SDK that allows users to create and experience multi-touch applications.
    Now, Touchless is released free and open-source to the world under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) on CodePlex.

    Want the Demo Only?
    * Save the file above
    * Open the folder it is in
    * Right click on it and select Extract All
    * Make sure you have a webcam hooked up
    * Double click TouchlessDemo.exe
    * Have Fun!

    What’s in this release?
    The release includes a short list of binary files to demonstrate Touchless:

    * WebCamLib.dll - Interfaces with DirectShow to grab webcam frames
    * TouchlessLib.dll - Contains the functionality of Touchless SDK
    * TouchlessDemo.exe - A small demonstration of what Touchless can be used for
    * Image.gif - Used in TouchlessDemo’s image demo
    * Touchless.chm - A documentation file of the Touchless API for developers
    * Touchless.jpg - A class diagram of the Touchless API for developers
    * Touchless.rtf - A text documentation file for users and developers
    * Contains the source files for WebCamLib, TouchlessLib, and TouchlessDemo, and the Walkthrough Sample
    * Contains the documentation, but not the videos stored in the repository
    * Contains the binary debug and release builds for WebCamLib, TouchlessLib, and TouchlessDemo

    Download Here


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    Yup read about this yesterday, now hoping for someone to make use of this.

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