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Thread: Where are the rest of the forum topics

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    Default Where are the rest of the forum topics

    Vista General, Installation, Maintenance?

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    As posted by the admins in this thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Choto Cheeta View Post
    Hello all,

    As you may see even before reading this post of mine that there are lot of changes been made...

    As HappyAndyK already have pointed out that we have stopped import of the NNTP content and we have been working on removing most of the NNTP data to keep and run the forum with its own database.

    While doing so, I am sorry to report that we may have lost a few threads. My sincere apology to the users who may find few of their threads / posts missing.

    There are some category shuffle has been done also... Where we have merged few categories to form the Windows Vista Management section... We also have started the section for Windows 7 as the Pre-Beta is now available to some select connect users... While you post, you may see that as a new feature now you can directly upload your images / screenshots to, which I though to be a good and handy tool hence have included it at our forum..

    We are in process to implement the RSS import section, which can be visible at Forum Home... I shall keep all up dated regarding the process.

    Please feel free to drop in a line or 2 as your suggestion or do report any problem as if you find any


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